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I have been a broker/salesperson in the Caribbean and Florida for the past 20 years.  The tropics offer a special environment where one does not just purchase a home, but rather buys a complete “lifestyle.” Be it boating, golfing, beaching, or just a change in way of life -- I focus on the whole person:  their desires and likes.

Whether you are looking for a house, townhouse, villa or condominium, the goal is the same, to help find or create a fit between you and the property. 

The same philosophy applies to selling a property.  For some people, a home or property is just that: walls, floors, appliances, etc. that is being sold.  But for many, perhaps most people, when they sell their home, they are leaving a piece of their soul behind.  Therefore the sale must be handled, not only professionally, but also with understanding of the emotions involved.



Luxury Partners Realty

Luxury Partners Realty offers its clients a distinctive level of personalized service, supported by a team of dedicated professionals.  We work hard to insure that your association with our firm is special.  At Luxury Partners, you are not a listing or MLS number, you are a client.  You are not buyer, you are individual wishing to purchase a home or property.  We are here to serve you.